2020 New Year Reflection: A journal excerpt from October 2009

I was reading through some of my old writings today as I reflect and plan for the year ahead. One poem stood out to me and I thought I would share:

October 09 2019 | Loyola University, New Orleans

I thought about dreams today.

How life itself is a dream in a way.

How life is not what it seems.

What if the reason we dream is to be shown things we cannot otherwise see?

I wonder if G-d dreams...

What if life itself was G-d's dream?

Out of utter Darkness came Light,

And out of that Light came Life.

Just as our dreams find the Light within the utter Darkness of our closed eyes,
Could it be the same Light that made life?

What would it be like if we were all characters in G-d's dream?

Would he see and be in everything?

I looked at the faces of the people passing by like never before.

Within each face, within the Darkness of each eye
Resides, a beautiful Light inside.
It is that Light which is hardest and most valuable to find.
It hides within the shadows of the mind. 

Close your eyes and try to find the Light inside your mind.
Choose what you shall be from now into eternity:

Darkness or Light.
Light or Darkness?