Knowing Your Self: A Priceless Asset

All throughout our lives we're given stacks of information and deadlines to deliver. We have essays to write and lists to memorize. Everything we know is tested and evaluated.

Much of our identity derives from external validation that comes from knowing stuff and being good at applying it.

Know and Accept Your Self

What if we stopped chasing after external validation and started investing in knowing our selves? What kind of realizations would arise? What kind of jobs would we have? What kind of world would we live in?

Recently I had a friend tell me ”You're becoming a jack of all trades and a master of none...“

I replied ”What if I'm not interested in becoming a master of any trade? What if I want to become a master of my self?“

In my friend's blank stare I realized that our culture values knolwedge of stuff over knowledge of self. Who chooses to invest in knowing themselves over knowing a highly sought-after skill or trade?

I would argue that we all should choose to know our selves before knowing anything else. Knowledge of self is fundamental to living a life of fulfillment.

The Potential of Self-Knowledge

What if we stepped away from the stimulus and listened to the voice that speaks to us in silence?

What if we invested more time into learning who we are and answering the calling that arises?

What if we stopped to ask what we really want from life?

What do you want from life?

I believe that by knowing ourselves, every one of us can live better lives and help others do the same.

How Do You Find Your Self?

I have spent my entire life trying to find my self. There are days where I am lost and days where I am found, but it is the desire to know that matters. All else stems from that desire to know your self.

Six Essentials of Self Knowledge

Out of a lifelong desire I've found six essentials of self knowledge:

  1. Wake up early. Go outside. Be quiet. Spend time alone.
  2. Write down your dreams, thoughts, fears, and aspirations. Read them aloud.
  3. Meet someone you admire on a regular basis (find a mentor).
  4. Ask people who know you to speak to who you are (some people know you better than you do).
  5. Ask yourself daily, ”Who am I?“
  6. Do what you believe in.

In practicing these essentials, I've learned volumes about myself (literally volumes), and I'm still learning.

The Rewards of Self Knowledge

Building a strong foundation of self knowledge results in great reward:

  • You understand how you learn.
    • You can learn anything you want and enjoy it.
  • You make better decisions.
    • Your choices help you achieve your goals.
  • You are more compassionate.
    • Empathy empowers you to help people.
  • You have defined what success means for you.
    • It is much easier to achieve something that is well-defined.
  • You love who you are.
    • You are happier.

Finding your self is a journey. You might just have the time of your life along the way.