Life Is Short—Do What You Love

When I was halfway through college I stopped and wondered: What was the end goal? What was the destination to which we all were bound?

I stopped and looked into the tunnel of my future and saw a college degree that hung in my office. I saw a job that paid my mortgage, a house that kept my stuff, and an endless pursuit of more and more stuff.

In that moment I made a choice. I decided that I didn't want what the world had to offer.

I wanted to find myself, and in that treasure grow. I dropped out of college and set out to follow my passions. It was the best decision I ever made.

Here I am four years later. I do what I love for a living. I have no debt. I've travelled the world with the woman I love. I've helped nine entrepreneurs launch their dream businesses and share their stories with the world.

Imagine what you could do with your passions? Imagine the life that you could live if you stepped back and asked those same questions I asked:

Why am I here? What's wrong with the world and what can I do to fix it?

I firmly believe that you can learn to do what you love for a living. Over the past four years I've spent thousands of hours figuring out how to learn and how to make ends meet through what I've learned.

I've started compiling my learnings into a simple framework that anyone can use to learn how to do what they love for a living. We live in a day and age that allows us to learn literally anything. Technology has allowed us to create relationships with experts in any field and it's all about making the most of the resources available.

I am currently reaching out to fellow learners to figure out how to best assemble this curriculum and would love to get your advice.

If you are interested in learning how to do what you love for a living, I'd love if you'd contact me and let me know about you and your story. Life is too short to work a crappy job. Do what you love.