Life Is Short—Do What You Love

When I was halfway through college I stopped and wondered: What was the end goal? What was the destination to which we all were bound? I stopped and looked into the tunnel of my future and saw a college degree that hung in my office. I saw a job that paid my mortgage, a house that kept my stuff, and an endless pursuit of more and more stuff. In that moment I made a choice. I decided that I didn't want what the world had to offer. I wanted to find myself, and in that treasure grow. I dropped out

10 Steps to Becoming a UX Designer

When I first set out to become a User Experience Designer, I had no college degree, and very little money—but I had a burning desire to learn and incredible life experiences. I had no roadmap for the journey that lay ahead, but I set out with all my heart, mind and soul and never looked back. This is the roadmap I wish I had from the start. These steps should provide a high-level overview for anyone interested in what it takes to become a UX Designer. 1. Understand & Articulate Core Concepts The most important task when approaching a

That Night In The River

I closed my eyes because I thought it would teach me what it was like to be blind. Never could I have known that it would teach me how to see. We walked down Frenchmen St. beneath the chorus of New Orleans's midnight choir: street performers, drunks, tourists, beer cans, and laughter. I heard playful voices rolling down the street from behind me. I felt someone wrap their elbow in the crook of mine. "What's wrong with your friend?" She asked. "He's blind," James said. I smiled and kept my eyelids closed as her fingers reached up and tried to

Purpose: A Road to Happiness

Many people tend to look at happiness as a far off destination that requires all of their aspirations to be met. Some people confuse happiness with pleasure and chase after it at all costs. Modern society has become enslaved by the perpetual pursuit of our physical desires. We're led to believe that once all our desires are met, we will be happy, yet happy people seem to be incredibly hard to find... Viktor Frankl in his book Man's Search For Meaning describes a different perspective on success and happiness which stems from purpose rather than pleasure: "success, like happiness, cannot

Knowing Your Self: A Priceless Asset

All throughout our lives we're given stacks of information and deadlines to deliver. We have essays to write and lists to memorize. Everything we know is tested and evaluated. Much of our identity derives from external validation that comes from knowing stuff and being good at applying it. Know and Accept Your Self What if we stopped chasing after external validation and started investing in knowing our selves? What kind of realizations would arise? What kind of jobs would we have? What kind of world would we live in? Recently I had a friend tell me ”You're becoming a

The Case for A Learning Framework

The ability to learn is the most important skill of our time. If your life depended on learning a language or a skill—how would you do it? Would you approach the problem of learning with tools you learned in a classroom? I wouldn't. School never taught me how to learn. School taught me how to obey. As a result, I dropped out of college. I embarked on a journey to learn how to learn. What is Learning Framework? I have been constructing a learning framework in order to help me learn. Using this framework I have learned new languages

The Woman Who Smiled

I remember driving across a great expanse of darkness thinking, “This is what the poorest state in India is like? It’s not so bad.” I looked outside the SUV and envied the simplicity of their life. There were no streetlamps, no neon signs. Lightbulbs swayed in the cool wind of the autumn night. In the silence I pondered the past three years of my life. The shame of living a lie washed over me. Gopal Ji barely said a word as we drove. The muscles and tendons in his arms bulged as we crashed through potholes in the unpaved