2020 New Year Reflection: A journal excerpt from October 2009

I was reading through some of my old writings today as I reflect and plan for the year ahead. One poem stood out to me and I thought I would share: October 09 2019 | Loyola University, New Orleans I thought about dreams today. 
How life itself is a dream in a way. 
How life is not what it seems. 

What if the reason we dream is to be shown things we cannot otherwise see? 

I wonder if G-d dreams... 
What if life itself was G-d's dream? 
Out of utter Darkness came Light, 
And out of that Light came Life.


The Man in The Puffy Red Coat

When a man falls back and ceases to breathe in your hands, when his eyes roll into the back of his head, and when his wrists no longer pulse—you hope and pray with all your might and strength that if there is a G-d, He will save this man. I remember hearing a man come out of the restaurant Jaja Bistro on 5641 Nevada in downtown Littleton and say “Thank G-d you were there for him.” and saying “Yes, there is a G-d.” It may have been in my head where I said it, or it may have been