2020 New Year Reflection: A journal excerpt from October 2009

I was reading through some of my old writings today as I reflect and plan for the year ahead. One poem stood out to me and I thought I would share: October 09 2019 | Loyola University, New Orleans I thought about dreams today. 
How life itself is a dream in a way. 
How life is not what it seems. 

What if the reason we dream is to be shown things we cannot otherwise see? 

I wonder if G-d dreams... 
What if life itself was G-d's dream? 
Out of utter Darkness came Light, 
And out of that Light came Life.


That Night In The River

I closed my eyes because I thought it would teach me what it was like to be blind. Never could I have known that it would teach me how to see. We walked down Frenchmen St. beneath the chorus of New Orleans's midnight choir: street performers, drunks, tourists, beer cans, and laughter. I heard playful voices rolling down the street from behind me. I felt someone wrap their elbow in the crook of mine. "What's wrong with your friend?" She asked. "He's blind," James said. I smiled and kept my eyelids closed as her fingers reached up and tried to