My First 60 Days As a Product Manager at OpenGov

This post outlines what I've learned and experienced as a consultant product manager for OpenGov—a high-growth tech startup in Silicon Valley. When Peak Democracy merged with OpenGov in October, I found myself transitioning into a new role as Product Owner and Manager for Open Town Hall—Peak Democracy's flagship product. The mission of Open Town Hall is to build public trust in government for the good of society. We do this by building tools for local governments to receive input from their residents on community issues. By creating a constant stream of structured communication between people and their

What Does a Product Manager Do at a Silicon Valley Tech Startup?

In Silicon Valley and other tech hubs, Product Management ("PM") is referred to the leadership role whose responsibility it is to manage the intersection of business, technology and design towards the fulfillment of specific objectives. Image Credit: Tech In Asia — What we learnt about Product Management in Silicon Valley I have been really fortunate in my short career to have gotten just enough experience in each of these domains to enable me to dutifully fulfill this role at OpenGov for a product called Open Town Hall. I worked as a Ruby on Rails developer for a few months as I

My Journey at Peak Democracy: From Design Leadership to Product Management

The purpose of this post is to outline my journey at Peak Democracy, to share what I’ve learned and express my enthusiasm at the next stage of my career as I take on a new role as Product Manager & Lead Designer at Peak Democracy (now a part of OpenGov). Backstory In March, I began consulting for Peak Democracy—a company on a mission to build public trust in government. Their business centers on a web-based product called Open Town Hall, which is widely considered to be North America’s leading online civic engagement platform. Open Town Hall was