Refugee Crisis: We Need to Respond

Our Choice We have a choice. To love or to fear. If we choose love, we must do everything in our power to help these people who are suffering across Europe. If we choose fear, we will become like those who persecute them—hating everyone that doesn't fit into their mould of humanity. If we choose love, we must be peacemakers. If we decide to make peace, we must first start with making peace in ourselves. We must embody the very peace we aim to spread. We must love our neighbors as ourselves, and we must love our enemies

Imagine The Story of a Syrian

If you can, suspend your disbelief and imagine for a moment. What it would feel like to have someone knock at your door? You open it. There is an Ak-47 pointed in your face. The person holding the gun gives you very clear orders: Join the IS, leave, or die. The headless bodies lying in the street behind the man speak louder than his words. You have three choices. Make it fast. Your life depends on it. Now imagine fleeing for your life. You're forced to embark on a treacherous journey without much preparation at all. Across sea and desert,

My Dream Beneath The Sea

The Dream I had a dream last night. I was a young boy running away from war. I jumped into the water to escape the army. There were helicopters searching for me overhead. I swam along the shore to keep from drowning. The land's edge was my only safety. There were guards along the fence who looked for me in the water. I had to duck my head beneath the surface. Sometimes I held my breath for only a few seconds, but other times I had to hold it so long that I wondered whether I should surface at all.