My Migration From Digital Life

The substance of my decision churned in my stomach. I forced myself to rationalize the thoughts flooding into my mind, "I've just thrown away my digital career—turned down two dream opportunities with fantastic companies. What have I done?" I decided to write this post as a reflection for myself but also as a milestone for anyone else who might be struggling to find a fulfilling vocation and lifestyle amidst all the possibilities of this beautiful and broken world. Backstory About six months ago, I left a top UX Design agency in order to explore how I could help

Knowing Your Self: A Priceless Asset

All throughout our lives we're given stacks of information and deadlines to deliver. We have essays to write and lists to memorize. Everything we know is tested and evaluated. Much of our identity derives from external validation that comes from knowing stuff and being good at applying it. Know and Accept Your Self What if we stopped chasing after external validation and started investing in knowing our selves? What kind of realizations would arise? What kind of jobs would we have? What kind of world would we live in? Recently I had a friend tell me ”You're becoming a