Are Smartphones The Cigarettes of Our Generation?

What if the very tools that have the greatest potential to change the world are also crippling us from doing so? The Problem of Smartphone Usage Here are some stats to illustrate my thinking: The average smartphone user checks their phone 221 times per day, starting by checking their email and Facebook at 7.31am[1]. US consumers now spend over five hours per day on their phone. That amounts to 76 full days in a single year[2]. While the exact figures vary depending on the source, smartphone usage statistics have continued to increase year-on-year. This trend represents one

Venturing Into The World of Multiple Sclerosis

Backstory The parallel timeline of my life has been the progression of my mother's disease Multiple Sclerosis ("MS"). My mother taught me how to walk, play soccer and ski. By the time I was twelve or thirteen she became increasingly dependent on walking aids and eventually a wheelchair. Enduring excruciating physical pain, my mother has maintainted a persistent brilliance that radiates to all those who meet her—exuding positivity where others would form bitterness. My mom and I outside Norwich Cathedral in 2013 My Wife Sophie's Journey with Chronic Illness While working in India together in 2012, my wife